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Due to the uncertainty of the Brexit deal, buyers and sellers are putting their plans on hold. Similar to Theresa May, buyers and sellers are having difficulties getting the right deal. 

We here at Peepal Mortgages share your concern and to bring light into the issue, have put together a concise guide for those of you looking to buy a property. 

Analyse the trends in the Housing Market

Compare figures & Statistics

Plan for your next financial venture

Grow your portfolio

Helping you
Save your money

We hope this general guide will help you thin the fog of Brexit on the housing market. Brexit is far more complicated than this guide, but a lack of understanding about something shouldn’t always incite fear. However, a general guide can never answer all question specific to everyone’s needs.

For up to date and expert industry advice, contact your mortgage advisors and estate agents to get further advice related to your situation.

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