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Budget 2021: 5 Key Takeaways

1. Stamp Duty Extension

Chancellor Rishi Sunak officially announced the extension of Stamp Duty Holiday until the end of June as part of the ‘Nil-Rate Band’, after which it will be tapered until September.


2. Furlough extended until end of September

Sunak also stated that there will be a continuation of support for the self-employed with help targeting those who have lost the most. This means that people whose turnover has fallen by 30% or more will continue to receive the full 80% grant, and people whose turnover has fallen by the left, the 30% will therefore have less need of taxpayer support, and will receive a 30% grant.

3. Universal Credit extended for another 6 months

Universal credit uplift extended for another six months – in form of £500 payment. Sunak said the universal credit £20 per week uplift will be extended for six months.

4. Reduced Business rates & relief for eligible businesses

Eligible retail, hospitality and leisure businesses pay no business rates for 3 months, with up to 66% relief for the rest of the year worth over £6 billion in 2021-22.

5. Rise in Corporation Tax

Corporation tax to rise from 19% to 25% from April 2023. But companies with profits of less than £50,000 will still pay 19%. This means only 10% of firms will pay the higher rate.

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