First Time Buyer

We understand that buying your first house is one of the big moments in your life. It can be a really exciting and nerve-wrecking experience.

Therefore, our highly qualified & experienced advisers will do everything they can to make sure everything goes as smoothly and quickly as it possibly can.

Buy To Let

Whether you're planning to buy a new house to Let, or thinking about letting your existing house to buy a new house - we've got you all covered.

Our experts in Buy to Let mortgages have a wealth of knowledge and experience to cater to your financial needs and strategies, and they'll give you advice that make a difference.


Are you tired of giving away your hard earned money towards your mortgage, for it all to go towards paying hefty interest rates ?

It can be really frustrating. But don't worry, our Re-mortgage specialists are here to help you find the best possible mortgage deal from a comprehensive range of lenders.

Some buy to let mortgages are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

Download our Brexit Housing Guide

Due to the uncertainty of the Brexit deal, buyers and sellers are putting their plans on hold. Similar to Theresa May, buyers and sellers are having difficulties getting the right deal. 

We here at Peepal Mortgages share your concern and to bring light into the issue, have put together a concise guide for those of you looking to buy a property. 

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