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Peepal x South Farnborough Infant School

We are collaborating with ✏️ South Farnborough Infant School for their Elf Day – happening today the 10th of December 2021 – by donating 300 Cotten Tote Bags as part of our #Sustainable and #GoGreen approach. ♻️🌱🚯

This is our first ever collaboration with not just SFIS, but any school in general, which is why we are super duper excited about the event tomorrow! We’ll be posting photos and videos tomorrow so stay tuned for that! 📣

What other eco-friendly and sustainable projects could we possibly do? 💭Let us know in the comments below!

Go Green.
Peepal for the People.

💡Fun fact: Our Company name “Peepal” and Alex’s Surname “Peaple” sound quite similar and that was the common ground between us when we approached them for a collaborative idea!